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Multi Site Concurrent

Multi Site Concurrent

The "Concurrent Programming System" is a proprietary technology that provides programming faster, cleaner and more efficient. Originally developed for manual multi site mass production in 2000, it is also used for automatic controllers 3000 and 4000 series. Unlike "Gang Programming System" programmers, the "Concurrent Programming System" allows each site to operate independently. The program starts when a component is inserted and passes a stringent test continuity. Before the last component is inserted, the first component is programmed and ready to be removed. Thus, yield losses are reduced because the programming cycle is in perpetual motion. Even if a site is down, the architecture of this system is that production can continue on other sites.

The BPM-2610 manual Concurrent Programming System® is the industry standard when it comes to flexibility and device support.
The BPM-2710 is one of the best-selling manual programming systems on the market today. As part of our 7thGeneration product line, you can program microcontrollers, flash memory, E/EPROMs, PLDs, FPGAs, antifuse and more with your choice of a 2-site, 4-site…
We’re continuing to break barriers for both speed and versatility. The model BPM-2800 combines the unrivaled speed of Flashstream Vector Engine Co-Processor® technology with 8th Generation universal support. 
The Flashstream® BPM-2800F-MK2 combines the largest memory capacity on the market with the latest 64-bit architecture. Breaking past the 32-bit barrier is another industry first for BPM Microsystems and a true milestone in programmer evolution, with full data capacity support…
Our latest 9th Generation programming technology combines true universal device support with the industry's fastest programming speeds. Concurrent® production programming and high-speed support for the latest MCUs, NAND, NOR, Serial Flash and eMMC, up to 100 MBytes/s program/verify times.
The 2900L with our Precision Lever Socket Actuator and Universal Pressure Plate is our latest 9th Generation Universal Production Programming Solution. The 2900L combines true universal device support with the industry's fastest programming speeds. The 2900L supports Concurrent® production programming…