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Automated Taping Machines

Automated Taping Machines

Automated taping machine solutions that can handle parts from Tube, Tray or Bowl and place them in the correct orientation into embossed carrier tape.

Tubes of devices can be loaded via a Tube Feeder, trays of devices via a Tray Stacker or loose components can be sorted and orientated using a Bowl Feeder.

The TM-400 Series of tape and reel systems specialise in a particular input such as tube, Tray, Bowl or an open version for OEM.
The TM 500 is a multiple input pick and place test, inspection and taping machine designed for high mix/low volume production environments for electronic devices. 
The TM-600 is a small footprint, high speed tape and reel machine designed to handle high volume parts with minimal investment.
The TM-700 is a turret-based processing system capable placing small devices into carrier tape, up to 22,000 parts per hour.
This slim-line taping module can be easily integrated into pick and place systems.