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Socket Modules

Socket Modules

Socket modules are the mechanical and electrical interface between the device and the programmer. The robust design of BPM's socket modules make them an excellent choice for manufacturing and design environments where high signal integrity and reliable performance are critical. Unlike other so-called "adapters" that just hold the device, the sophisticated technology of the circuitry eliminates noise, ground bounce, and overshoot; and allows for the most reliable vector testing available. In addition, active circuitry enables these modules to support multiple devices and manufacturers on most socket modules. With a choice of over 1400 socket modules, chances are that any device programming requirements are already supported.

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The SM84UP can program over 2,600 devices through the use of templates. Templates for 20, 28, 32, 44, 52, 68, and 84-pin devices are included with each SM84UP. 
Automated socket modules are offered for a wide variety of package types including CSP, TSOP, DIP and MLF. 
FX socket modules offer improved programming speed over standard socket modules. 
The new FX4 socket modules are specifically designed for the 7th Generation series of BPM programmers. 
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