How many requests do I have?

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TicketManagerRequestsAt any time, it is possible to see how many requests that you have logged via the number displayed next to the Request button on the tool bar.

Click on the Requests button and it will drop down and show the quantity of requests per department for your company, submitted by all of your colleagues. This also allows you to select a department.

Once you select a department, click on the Requests Manager to load a table containing all submitted requests from all colleagues in your company.

You may see that the total quantity shown is actually higher than the requests that you see in the Requests Manager.  This is simply due to the permission settings for you, as you can view your own requests, but not those of other ins your company. If this is an issue and you do need to see all other tickets from your company, then simply submit a Site Support ticket to notify us.

Simon Wells
Date Created
2012-09-13 15:57:59
Date Updated
2013-01-17 04:01:24


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