Helpdesk Icon Explanation

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There are various icons used in our Helpdesk to provide a visual for information, below you will find a list of icons and their explanation.

Icon Name Explanation  Location
info Information Hover over this icon to get a quick view of the original message that was posted. See further information below. Requests Manager
hour  Waiting  Indicates that the request has been assigned to a support user but has not reached its due date. The request number will also have a grey background. On the day of the requests due date, then an orange backround will be displayed around the request number. Requests Manager
clock  Passed Due Indicates that the equest has been assigned to a support user and is passed its due date. The request number will also have a red background. Requests Manager
attach  Attachments Indicates that an attachment has been added to the request. Requests Manager
help  Support Provides a click link to any department.  Helpdesk Toolbar
clients  Clients Manager  Provides a link to your companies profile, users, products, files, request and contracts.  Helpdesk Toolbar 
table  Requests Report  Provides a link to a table of all open requests.  Helpdesk Toolbar 
add  Add Request  Allows the creation of a new request in the primary department.  Helpdesk Toolbar 

Information Icon

When you hover over this icon, you will be presented with a Legend to further explain icons that maybe found.

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