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Verification of Calibration (2800 and 2800F)

An option in BPWin Device Menu called VerifyCalibration maybe executed to allow
testing the accuracy of the internal DVM and time base using a bench DVM and
oscilloscope or period counter. We recommend that the following procedure be
performed every 12 months. The procedure may be performed in the field or at the
factory for a fee. If the unit fails the accuracy or the self-diagnostic tests, it must be
returned to the factory for repair and failure analysis.

Equipment required:

  • Digital Volt Meter (must be rated at 0.1% precision)
  • Oscilloscope

Procedures for verifying accuracy of internal DVM:

  1. Open BPWIN
  2. Install the FVE4SM32D in socket A of the master site
  3. Go to File Menu
  4. Select Configure
  5. Ensure 2800 series programmer is displayed click OK
  6. Go to Device Menu
  7. Select VerifyCalibration
  8. Dialog Box “Self Test Configuration” should open
    Note: “Loop mode" will be disabled
    • In this dialog box select the site to be tested and click OK
    • The self test will begin on the site selected
      • If self-test passes, the verifycal procedure will run.
      • If self-test does not pass, it will be skipped for this site, and self-test will begin running on the NEXT selected site. (if applicable)
  9. The VerifyCalibration procedure will do the following:
  10. If any failure occurs the verifycal operation will be aborted for the current site.
  11. The user is presented with a pop-up
    Using a calibrated oscilloscope and scope probe
    1. Connect the probe
    2. Measure the voltage at pins 1 and 2 of DIP socket and check that they fall within the minimum and maximum levels displayed on
    3. the screen.
    4. Click OK.

Procedures for verifying AC calibration:

At this point in the test, the programmer will produce a 1000us pulse width, which is 

generated on pin 2.
Using the oscilloscope verify that the positive pulse on pin one is
between 990us and 1010us.

  1. Click Close to continue
  2. If multiple programmer sites have been selected the self-test will start to run again on the next site, followed by the verifycal procedure described above.
Simon Wells
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2013-01-30 08:31:59
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