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Parallel Port Driver Discontinuation


Customers with BPM equipment which uses parallel ports for serial peripheral communication, Galil DMC-1040 utilizing BPM driver, AND/OR parallel programming sites will only be supported up to BPWin version 5.33.0 due to parallel port driver discontinuation.


BPM Microsystems has announced plans to discontinue parallel port drivers and have taken steps to allow hardware upgrades to handle these changes.

As of version V5.28 of the BPWin software, a new Information Prompt will be displayed if parallel port communications is found, to remind the users that hardware must be upgraded.
This is in preparation for all parallel communications to be discontinued in version V5.34.0.

Below is an example of a new Information Prompt. 

This example is just one of three possible messages: 

  1. Parallel site comm (non-USB sites) 
  2. Parallel SPC comm (Serial Peripheral Controller) (shown above) 
  3. Galil 1040 using BPM Drivers (instead of API drivers) 

If your system reports any of these prompts, then a hardware upgrade is required if you wish to use BPWin V5.34 and higher. 
These prompts cannot be turned off, so as to prevent accidentally forgetting about the upgrades.

User Checks

You may also check the parallel port status of your automated system by using the following guide.

  1. Parallel Port Programming Sites - Automated Programming Systems will need site upgrades to use BPWin versions after v5.33.0.  Other hardware upgrades may be required depending on your specific configuration.
    Please check BPM Site for additional information.
  2. Serial Peripheral Communication – Automated Programming Systems that are communicating to serial peripheral cards via a parallel port (including SIIG card) will need a USB to EPP adapter upgrade to use BPWin versions after v5.33.0 as Serial Peripheral Communication will no longer be supported via a parallel port after v5.33.0. 
    Automated Programming System users can also determine if the handler is configured with the USB to EPP adapter through the PC Device Manager.  
    If “BP Microsystems SPC Interface” is displayed in the Device Manager then the USB to EPP adapter is already installed.  If not, please contact Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. to order an upgrade kit part number: WHARUSBSPCKIT.
  3. Galil DMC-1040 utilizing BPM Driver – Automated Programming Systems that are configured with the Galil DMC-1040 Controller (BPM part number: WMOTCONT01) AND are utilizing the BPM driver will need to upgraded to the Galil API driver to use BPWin versions after v5.33.0.  The BPM driver is a parallel port driver, which will no longer be supported after v5.33.0. Automated Programming System users can determine the driver configuration of their system by searching the blackbox.html file (located at C:\BP\Datalog) for the following terms after handler has been initialized
    1. Term A.) Pick-and-Place controller communication via Bpm driver. If you find “Bpm driver” in the log file, then the driver will need to be updated using the attached Galil Pick and Place Controller Configuration.

      Upgrading to the API driver may require a new Galil DMC-1040 board due to potential incompatibilities with some older revisions.  Please contact Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. if you require further assistance.

    2. Term B.) Pick-and-Place controller communication via Api(DMC).
      If you find Api(DMC) in the log file then the driver will NOT need to be updated as the system is already configured with the updated Galil driver for the DMC-1040.
    3. Term C.) Pick-and-Place controller communication via Api(GalilTools).
      If you find Api(GalilTools) in the log file then the system has a Galil DMC-4040 controller.  Galil DMC-4040 will not be impacted by this change as the DMC-4040 only utilizes API(Galil Tools) driver.


Please contact your local sales/service representative for further technical or sales information.


Further Information

Links to BPM original documents can be found here:

  1. End of Life for Parallel Port Programmer Models
  2. Parallel Port Driver Discontinuation - Certain Automated Programming System Configurations Will Require Hardware Upgrade AND/OR Driver Updates
  3. Discontinuation of Repair and Calibration for X600 and X700 Programming Site Technology 
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