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In this mini guide, I go through how you can change the IP address on a FlashRunner Cube, to enable communication through the Ethernet port.

Firstly, you have to know the IP address of the programmer you wish to access.
If you do not know the IP address, then you can use RS-232 comms between your PC and the Cube, so that you can communicate with the Cube and change its IP address via the FR Cube software.  If you do not have RS-232 port on your PC, then there free IP Address Sniffer utilities available online.

Connect your PC to the programmer using LAN connection and make sure the programmer is powered up.

Make sure that the IP of your PC is on the same range as the programmer.
For example, the default IP address of a Cube is so your PC should be set to 192.168.1.XXX.  The IP of your PC can be changed in the Network Connections in Windows, right click on the relevant Local Area Connection and select properties.  Select Internet Protocol Version 4 from the connections types.  In the TCP/IPv4 Properties window, select the Use the following IP address and set the IP address as required.  Click OK, then OK to save the information.

Use the FR Cube software and make sure that the IP of your programmer is set correctly in the Model Selection.

In the FR Cube terminal, click SET IP button.  
This will display the code to change IP and display the default, even if it is not set to that address.
This command should be similar to this: " and update the IP address]">#sys -o set -p ip -v
Just change to whatever you wish to change the programmer to.

Hit enter and you should get a result like this:

#sys -o set -p ip -v

The ">" indicates a pass and the IP address should be what you set it too.

If you do not, then the setting are not stored.

Now, make sure you update the PC IP address so it is still on the same range as the new IP address.
Update the IP in the Model Selection.
You are now ready to continue.

The warranty periods for SMH Technologies range of products is as follows.

1 Year Warranty

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3 Year Warranty 

  • FR Cube
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