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Check our FAQ before adding questions.

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Adaptsys provides remote support access to assist customers, specifically those with Automated Device Handlers.

Remote support is evaluated on a case by case basis, so if a support engineer requests a remote session, then please follow this guide.


How to use remote support

First, you need to download the unique teamviewer support application, found at the bottom of this page or a link will be provided by the support engineer.

Once downloaded, double click the application and when prompted, click RUN.

Once running, you will see the following window.


adaptsys remote support

You will need to to provide the ID and Password to your support agent, ideally through the support ticket you have open for you case.

The support engineer will then be able to contact the host PC remotely.

In cases of remote support on autohandlers, an operator will need to be present.  Although we will be able to control the system, we need some manual intervention for loading parts or following specific tasks.

Support engineers will also be able to remote access any required support files, such as BlackBox files or screenshots.

Once the session is agreed to be complete, you can close the application.


This support is provide using the Teamviewer platform.

How secure is TeamViewer?

All TeamViewer versions use full encryption. Encryption is based on 2048bit RSA private/public key exchange and 256 Bit AES session encoding. This uses the same security level as https/SSL and is considered completely safe by today's standards. The key exchange also guarantees that the data channel is completely encoded from client to client and that any routers or servers in between (including Teamviewer routers) are unable to read or analyze the data stream. Security and privacy have always been a top priority during their development.

More information on their security can be found on their website:

NOTE: Your ID is unique and Password changes on each session.



We often get asked if we can provide remote support.

The simple answer is YES.

In most cases, be it urgent or planned support, we can normally resolve them effectively via telephone or with our support tickets.
However, we appreciate that at times, if speed is of the essence when for example production is on stop, a faster reaction maybe required.

In certain cases, typically software related, we can access your production machine via a secure, remote connection, provided that this is permissible by your company.

This gives us direct remote access or screen sharing capabilities to be able to see specific faults or try to debug the issue.  

Of course, this is not the best solution in all circumstances, but at least the option is available if you need to request it.

For more information on remote support, click here.


Our online helpdesk shows small Avatars to help identify users in tickets.

It is possible to change it, either with icons that we already provide or by uploading an image.  

How to change Avatar

From the Toolbar, Click on the My Account link and the sub menu will drop down.

My Account


On the My Account page, scroll down to the bottom and click on the Change avatar button.

change avatar

A pop up showing available user icons is displayed.
Click one that you wish to use or click on the Close button if you do not wish to change it.


Next, click on the green Send button to finalise the changes.


Alternatively, you can upload your own image by clicking on the Choose file button.


This will open a pop up so that you can browse your hard drive for a suitable picture, ideally 32x32 or 64x64.  The system will resize to suit.

Next, click on the green Send button to finalise the changes.

Now you new icon or image avatar will be displayed.

You may wish to use your companies logo too if you wished.

Adaptsys uses a Ticket numbering system to receive equipment back for calibration, investigation, repair or any other reason. 

A support ticket must be completed so that a ticket number can be raised, before any equipment is returned to us.

When a ticket is generated it will create a ticket number, this should be used as a returns number.
We will respond to your ticket advising you of the next steps to take.

Ordinarily, equipment that is returned for chargeable repair or calibration should be sent with a PO Number covering the initial investigation or calibration costs.
Items received back without a valid PO Number will not be processed until one is provided and will be subject to delay until this is covered.

Once a repair has been evaluated and it is found that additional parts or labour is required, that were not covered by your original PO Number, then we will provide you with a revised price.
Any items that need to be returned to the manufacturer will incur additional inward and outward shipping and duty costs.  We will seek authorisation from you to do this and advise on an estimated cost. A final cost can only be given once the unit has been assessed by the manufacturer and we know the exact shipping costs.

Required Information:

  • Equipment name
  • Respective serial number(s).
  • Reason for return.
  • Details of the issue or error.
  • Copies of the relevant paperwork.
  • In the case of repairs and calibrations, a Purchase Order for the minimum investigation or calibration charge

Any PO should contain information such as:

  • Return Address.
  • Invoice Address.
  • Equipment details, including serial numbers.
  • RMA Number.

Our standard service charges, as of January 2014 are:

  • £120.00 initial investigation charge, per item.
  • £120.00 per additional hours labour.
  • £115.00 calibration charge, includes hard copy print of a UKAS traceable certificate, per programming site.
  • Parts pricing, will be quoted with the investigation.
  • Any return to vendor repairs will be quoted separately and agreed before action is taken. 

In an effort to be as flexible and efficient as possible in the way that we handle all requests for support, we have created our new online helpdesk to provide both our staff and customers a central resource.

No more trawling through emails to check the latest status of on an issue, or creating your own lists to try and help keep track, simply use our helpdesk to manage all requests and save some time.



Via the Adaptsys Helpdesk, select the relevant department and submit a ticket.

You do not need to have an account or be signed in to submit a ticket, although signing in first is highly recommended as it will save you time and ensure that the request is correctly linked with your account..
The advantage of this method is that we use dynamic forms that are loaded based on the enquiry type, these are used to collect all the relevant information for your support request.

Once stored online, you and your colleagues can access the requests to share the workload.
Additionally, logs are created for each request to save time and date information regarding who responded, status changes and who were notified.  Any attachments are also stored too.



You can send an email to us at with details of the support request, making sure you include all relevant information such as equipment make and models and software versions.

Our staff will assess the request and log this on the helpdesk.  
If you have an account already, then it will be associated with your account and you will get a notification that it has been created.
If you do not have an account, we will create one for you, associate the request with your account and mail your login details to you.

All helpdesk notifications you receive will include a "Reply below/above line" text area. Simply add a response between these tags and the response will be added to the online request.



You are always welcome to call your local office and discuss any issues that you may have.

  • UK Customers: +44 (0) 1730 262444
  • French Customers: +33 (0) 143 97 80 30
  • German Customers: +49 (0)163 6287570
  • Hungarian Customers: +36 30 419 2630

Your request will be logged in the same way as mentioned above to allow a record to be kept and to follow through to a conclusion.



We always recommend that support is done through our Helpdesk online.

When you view your requests in the request manager, you will notice that there are different colours that surround the requests.
These colours indicate the following status of the request.

  • RED: request open and response date passed
  • YELLOW: Response date due on the day of viewing
  • GREY: Response date not reached
  • GREEN: request is now closed.

In addition to the request numbers, some rows may have a red background, this indicates that there has been no response from Adaptsys Support team.

PLEASE NOTE: Due Dates and the status of the request are NOT an indictaion of when the request will be completed.  They are used only as a reminders and visual indications to customers and staff to identify the priotity and prompt action on either side.


TicketManagerRequestsAt any time, it is possible to see how many requests that you have logged via the number displayed next to the Request button on the tool bar.

Click on the Requests button and it will drop down and show the quantity of requests per department for your company, submitted by all of your colleagues. This also allows you to select a department.

Once you select a department, click on the Requests Manager to load a table containing all submitted requests from all colleagues in your company.

You may see that the total quantity shown is actually higher than the requests that you see in the Requests Manager.  This is simply due to the permission settings for you, as you can view your own requests, but not those of other ins your company. If this is an issue and you do need to see all other tickets from your company, then simply submit a Site Support ticket to notify us.

There are various icons used in our Helpdesk to provide a visual for information, below you will find a list of icons and their explanation.

IconNameExplanation Location
info Information Hover over this icon to get a quick view of the original message that was posted. See further information below. Requests Manager
hour  Waiting  Indicates that the request has been assigned to a support user but has not reached its due date. The request number will also have a grey background. On the day of the requests due date, then an orange backround will be displayed around the request number. Requests Manager
clock  Passed Due Indicates that the equest has been assigned to a support user and is passed its due date. The request number will also have a red background. Requests Manager
attach  Attachments Indicates that an attachment has been added to the request. Requests Manager
help  Support Provides a click link to any department.  Helpdesk Toolbar
clients  Clients Manager  Provides a link to your companies profile, users, products, files, request and contracts.  Helpdesk Toolbar 
table  Requests Report  Provides a link to a table of all open requests.  Helpdesk Toolbar 
add  Add Request  Allows the creation of a new request in the primary department.  Helpdesk Toolbar 

Information Icon

When you hover over this icon, you will be presented with a Legend to further explain icons that maybe found.

Our Helpdesk is provided to our customers so that they can submit, view and respond to requests for technical  or device support requests.
If there is more than member of staff in your organisation, we will allow all registered users in your company to be able to view each others tickets, perfect to ensure you can be on top of support especially if a memeber of your staff is sick or on holiday. 

We are focused on making improvements to the support we currently offer to our customers, so this Helpdesk will act as a central resource for any product issues that you may have.

Some key features of our new Helpdesk include:

  • A central resource for support which will inclide FAQ, guides, tickets and download.
  • New tickets allow certain files types to be added as attachments and a record of them will be provided in the ticket.
  • Email notification will be sent to you and Adaptsys staff, once you submit a technical or device support request and after Adaptsys staff have responded.
  • View status of tickets submitted by other users in your company.
  • All ticket activity is logged and a time history of the ticket can be viewed.
  • Create tickets and reply to tickets by email, without needing to log in to the site.  OF course, we prefer it if you did log in, so you can access additional support tools.

Further features will come online in due course, including the ability to see products that have been purchased and thei warranty status.