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Versacount II+

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The VERSACOUNT II+ is V-Tek’s latest Motorised Parts Counter.
It can handle counting of surface mount devices, as well as axial and radial taped components with very little change over time. 

The machine can be programmed to count a specific number of parts, and in this mode will detect empty pockets and display the actual number of parts along with the number of empty pockets. Vesacount II provides an accurate count whether going forward or backward.


  • Bi-directonal counting from 2 mm pitch up to 144 mm pitch
  • Fully menu driven
  • Stops on programmed number of consecutive empty pockets
  • Works with standard SMO carrier tape widths from 8 mm to120 mm
  • Accepts standard axial and radial reel diameters as well as 7' and 13* SMD reel diameters with standard arms. 
  • Optional riser allows use of 22* reels 
  • EPD requires solid black colour carrier tape with punched hole in centre of pocket
  • Counts a preprogrammed number of parts detecting empty pockets and displaying the actual. number of parts along with the number of empty pockets 
  • Options:Riser for 22' diameter reel
  • EPD (Empty Pocket Detector)
  • Axial / Radial module
  • Thermal Label Printer with barcode
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