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BPM-3000FS MK2

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The Flashstream BPM-3000FS MK2 is a fine-pitch automated device programmer, designed specifically to meet your flash programming needs. The newest generation automated flash memory programming system offers a technological enhancement over the previous model with the ability to support the latest managed NAND devices.

By combining 64-bit architecture with 16 Gbytes of on-board memory per site, the 3000FS MK2 can support device densities up to 128 Gbits with theoretical device size support up to 8 Ebits.

The BPM-3000FS MK2 is one of the fastest production solutions for flash memories. For example, the BPM-3000FS MK2 can produce a fully-programmed 512Mb Samsung NAND flash every 3.4 seconds. See supported devices and programming times for the Flashstream.

Whether you are programming 20,000 or 500,000 parts per month, the 3000FS MK2 is the fastest production solution for dedicated flash memory programming on the market today.


  • High-speed flash programming with 16 sockets utilising Flashstream socket cards
  • Production throughput up to 1100 devices per hour
  • Supports high density NAND and NOR flash memory as well as EPROM's
  • Supports the latest device architectures (OneNAND, eMMC, iNand, MoviNand, MLC, SLC , and more)
  • Includes 16 GB of onboard memory per site and 64-bit architecture, breaking past the 4 GB data density barrier
  • 20ns verify with Vector Engine Co-Processor technology Serialization support on all sockets
  • NAND Bad Block handling:
    • Bad Block replacement scheme included
    • Custom and manufacturer approved NAND Flash Bad Block handling methods available
  • Supports very low voltage devices down to 0.7V (Vdd)
  • On-the-fly vision centering and fine-pitch handling without throughput reduction
  • Handles a wide range of packages including very small packages such as MSOP8, TSOC6, and SOT23 as small as 1.63 mm by 2.95 mm
  • Automated tray shuttles provide true non-stop operation
  • Automatic self-teaching
  • Small footprint
  • USB 2.0 communications bus
  • Configurable options and quick job changeover make it ideal for high mix or high volume production
  • Variety of input/output and marking options with tubes, trays or tape
  • The fastest programming times and unrivaled throughput means lower cost-per-device
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