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The 3900 supports high-speed programming for MCUs, Serial Flash, NAND, NOR and eMMC HS400 modes. True universal programming sites, upward and downward vision system and WhisperTeach Auto-Z provide the most reliable support for even the smallest CSP devices.

High-Speed Programming

The 3900 supports high programming speed for MCUs, eMMC HS400, NAND, NOR and Serial Flash and includes support for high-speed signals up to 200Mhz support the latest eMMC HS400 modes with data transfer rates of 2.5ns per byte. Data transfer rates to 100MBytes/s for the industry’s fastest program/verify times, download image files up to 25MB/s to all programmers simultaneously. Up to 9 times faster than competing universal programmers. The Largest Memory Support in the industry – 256GB, upgradeable to 512GB.

What’s Inside

Our Vector Engine Co-Processor accelerates flash memory waveforms during the programming cycle. The result is programming near the theoretical limits of the silicon design — the faster the device, the faster the device is programmed. Proprietary BPM Vision™ upward and downward vision system provides the most accurate and reliable handling. WhisperTeach™ includes our proprietary Auto-Z* feature, which removes reliance on the operator and ensures the teach accuracy for consistent placement. This provides the most reliable support for even the smallest CSP devices on the market.

True Universal Support

The 3900 offers true universal support – one solution for all your device programming requirements and compatible with existing 7THGEN and 8THGEN socket cards and algorithms, so our customers can retain the value of their investment in assets. One universal programming site for all devices reduces the number of systems, sites and sockets you need to buy, saving you money, training, complexity, floor space and reducing the size of the system.

High-Quality Socket Cards

Socket cards provide the electro-mechanical interface between your device and the programmer. They’re precisely designed to deliver high-fidelity waveforms to the programmable device, ensuring very high first-pass yield. Each individual socket card can be fully utilised and easily replaced to maintain full programming capacity. Our socket card design, with a receptacle socket option, ultimately increases your manufacturing uptime, produces higher first-pass yield, and saves replacement costs by as much as 75 per cent.

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