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The 3800-MK2 is a fine pitch automated device programmer which has be redesigned with improved build quality and superior capabilities and features. Now featuring upward and downward vision systems for improved set-up and device pick and place accuracy.

In addition, the machine also provides enhanced ergonomics and reliability whilst increasing the input/out reconfigurability to maximise throughput and up-time.

The 3800-MK2 is capable of producing millions of devices per year, supporting the widest range of programmable devices to the deliver the lowest programming cost per unit.

2mm vspIntelligently Designed to Handle Whatever Comes Next

The 3800-MK2 programs all device types including microcontrollers, managed NAND, flash memory, EPROM, EEPROM, PLDs and much more, including device densities up to an 8Eb theoretical limit.

Applications for Very Small Packages (VSP) are increasing rapidly as semi-houses constantly reduce the die size of their devices.  This system can process the smallest programmable VSP devices available today and is engineered to support future devices as small as 1mm x 0.5mm (0402).  

The 3800MK-2 can handle your next programming project.


vector-engineIncomparable - Vector Engine Speed with BitBlast

8th Generation programming technology includes BPM's exclusive Vector Engine Co-Processor® technology with BitBlast, capable of achieving amazing 24Gbits per second peak rate.  Using this proprietary technology, waveforms are accelerated during the programming cycle.  Faster speeds are achieved through synchronous operations that eliminate the dead times, so the device under test no longer waits for the programmer.  The result is programming near the theoretical limits of the silicon design - the faster the device, the faster it is programmed.

3800-mk2-cameraImpressive Balance of Technology, Functionality and Productivity

Integrated into the new 3800-MK2, is an improved 2 part vision system that provides an increase in accuracy for device alignment, placement and setup.  An upward vision camera is used for device alignment and features a BPM exclusive light ring for light and dark field lighting to enhance device imaging.  The downward vision camera is used to ensure precise pick and place setup and delivers dynamic device imagery.

Component images can be saved for quality traceability and analysis.

This advanced vision system can be utilised on-demand, to maximise productivity while maintaining accuracy and repeatability while still achieving the highest possible quality.  

3800-mk2-ergonomicsI/O Options, Ergonomics and ESD Protection

The 3800MK2 platform features improved ergonomics for easy access to the programming sites and ESD dissipative surfaces to protect against electrostatic damage.  The system provides flexible options for input and output media with choices of tape, tray and tube, including a side-mount tape output option. This highly configurable design allows the machine to utilise all input/output media on a small footprint, thereby reducing changeover time and optimising productivity.

3800-mk2-low-costIncredible Low Programming Cost per Device

BPM Microsystems socket cards with a receptacle socket option offer the most cost effective and efficient programming solution in the industry.  Individual socket cards can be fully utilised  and sockets replaced as needed to maximise programming capacity.  The fault tolerant socket card design increases the manufacturing time, produces higher first pass yield and saves replacements costs by as much as 75 percent compared to gang adaptors.  By combining unmatched programming performance and system uptime with low consumable costs, the result is a very low programming cost per device.

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