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ProgWorx is a new approach to board programming which complements and streamlines traditional device programming hardware interfaces, including manual probing, edge connections and bed-of-nails fixtures.

Increase your production capacity at an affordable price - with the NanoPlex™ Series of ISP Programming Channel Multipliers. 

FlashRunner 2.0 is the most innovative In-System parallel programmer for 8, 16 and 32bit based microcontrollers and serial memories. It implements the most innovative cutting-edge technology that features 16 independent parallel programming channels; this product, thanks to its flexibility, is specifically designed to program multi-PCB panels assemblies and highly structured boards with several devices mounted on. The user-friendly new FR2.0 WorkBench GUI allows the system to be configured in just a few clicks, ensuring rapid time-to-production.
The latest product in the FlashRunner 2.0 family with its revolutionary programming technology.

ATE-oriented Programming Engine – RS-232 and LAN connectivity

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