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Carrier Tape - Solutions for Mechanical Parts

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Traditionally, when we think about carrier tapes, we might think about reels of semiconductor components placed into tapes so that they can be picked and placed by automated systems.
There are however, more applications that they can be used on.

Adaptsys has seen a steady increase in the number of non-semiconductor parts that manufacturers need be placed into carrier tape to allow automation of part handling by their customers.

We design the carrier tapes in house, manufacture the tooling and produce these custom tapes on our own proprietary embossing machines here in the UK, allowing us to provide a full design and build service. By offering European based design and manufacturing Adaptsys is able to provide a fast turnaround along with a close consultancy on the required pocket.

In addition we produce to a high quality following EIA481 and IEC60286 guidelines, inspecting each pocket as it's produced with traceability of both raw materials all the way through the manufacturing process and onto the customer.

Tri-layer and single layer tapes are available, we generally recommend the tri-layer material, due to it’s higher strength and lower cost, unless customers have a specific need for the single PS or PC material. As volumes are manufactured to customer demand, we can provide small batch sample tapes quickly or provide large or small a volume batches as required.

Our design path is quite simple, we obtain 2D or 3D drawings of the part that needs to be placed into tape, so that we can design a custom pocket and understand the overall dimensions used to provide a quote, such as the pocket pitch and tape width. An initial 3D model of a tape is provided for approval and any design changes are then made.

Once customer approval is granted, we produce the relevant 3D models for our tooling and have them manufactured to our specifications.
All tooling that has been manufactured undergoes post manufacturing analysis to ensure it conforms to our specification, before we install into our carrier tape forming machines.

The unique advantage for us is that our patented tape forming systems, uses sprocket hole guidance to ensure forming accuracies that exceed those specified by EIA481 and IEC60286, whilst a post forming vision inspection system, checks every formed pocket for on the fly quality assurance.
Some of applications include:

  • LED Lenses
  • Miniature PCB
  • Metal Springs
  • Electrical Connectors
  • Metal Stamped Parts
  • Ground Pins
  • Standoffs
  • And much more



Product: Clear Polycarbonate LED Lens
Tape Width: 24mm
Pocket Pitch: 18mm
A0 = 8.75mm
B0 = 10.50mm
K0 = 11.50mm

Metal Stamp Product: Metal Stamped Contact
Tape Width: 44mm
Pocket Pitch: 8mm
A0 = 12.35mm
B0 = 25.30mm
K0 = 5.75mm
Pin-Header Product: 90 Degree Solder Pin Header
Tape Width: 44mm
Pocket Pitch: 20mm
A0 = 3.55mm
B0 = 25.75mm
K0 = 9.00mm
Spring-Clip Product: Metal Spring Clip
Tape Width: 16mm
Pocket Pitch: 8mm
A0 = 3.00mm
B0 = 7.20mm
K0 = 4.55mm
Flat-Spring Product: Stamped Flat Metal Spring Contact
Tape Width: 32mm
Pocket Pitch: 18mm
A0 = 14.65mm
B0 = 21.20mm
K0 = 0.75mm


A0 refers to the Left/Right (X) dimension of the pocket bottom.
B0 refers to the Forward/Backward (Y) dimension of the pocket bottom.
K0 refers to the Up/Down (X) dimension, from top of tape inside of the pocket bottom.

If you manufacture or use metal stamped parts, flat springs, lens, contacts or any other part that could be placed into carrier tapes, then why not contact us to see if we can produce an embossed carrier tape for you.

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