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EXHIBITION - Productronica 2017

Monday, 09 October 2017 11:52


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Adaptsys introduce Deep Pocket Carrier Tape Forming with Re-flex II at Productronica, Munich, 14-17 November 2017 (Hall A1, Booth 353).


Re-flex II from Adaptsys now adds deep pockets and wide tape to its new technology of "On-demand" Carrier Tape Forming. Not only can the Re-flex II output tape directly to your Tape and Reeling System as well as to reel, but the system is now capable of forming pockets of up to 30mm in depth and on tape widths of up to 88mm. 


By adding in the capacity to form deeper and wider pockets, the Re-flex II can now be considered the tape forming system of choice, not only for electronic components but also for connectors and other electro-mechanical devices. Where traditionally deeper pockets often means input reels of under 20M, the 1000M input reel for the Re-flex II makes for a far more efficient process - replacing what would be 50 changeovers with just the one.   

With the flexibility to produce a huge variety of pocket topographies combined with a far more economical flat tape material (50%+ cost saving over pre-formed tape), the Re-flex II clearly has appeal to a wide target market where end-users are not only looking to refine their process but also substantially cut costs.

For over a decade, Adaptsys have distributed for the world's leading names in device programming, tape & reeling and carrier tape – providing innovative solutions to both the Electronics Manufacturing Industry and Mechanical Component Manufacturers. Alongside the distribution products, Adaptsys provide their own leading-edge systems and tools, adding value for customers by increasing productivity, traceability and quality production.



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