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Adaptsys Group at Embedded World 2013, 26th Feb - 28th Feb, Nuremberg, Booth 422 Hall 4A

Friday, 01 February 2013 14:00

Device Programming specialist Adaptsys confirm participation at the forthcoming Embedded World exhibition held in Nuremberg from the 26th February til 28th February 2013.

The Adaptsys Group offer a unique service by focusing entirely on the service, support and integration of device programming and tape and reel solutions and as such has developed into the largest distributor for both BPM Microsystems and SMH Technologies product lines throughout Europe. As a tried and tested partner in the electronics industry, Adaptsys pride themselves on offering only high-quality products to fit customers specific application; once installed Adaptsys support the customer for the entire duration of their application.

With our two preferred partners BPM Microsystems and SMH Technologies we are able to provide innovative off-board and in-system programming for a complete variety of technologies, from Flash to FPGA.

We will be demonstrating the latest products, including:


Universal Programmer with unrivalled speed using the Vector Engine Co-Processor technology and capable of programming high density Flash, prom, MCU's, eMMC, PLD's and more... Lowest cost of ownership through innovative features, such as compact designed base cards and
sockets in receptacles.

FlashRunner Cube

The FlashRunner Cube is the latest introduction to the FlashRunner range of ISPs, being a true parallel In-System Programmer it has the capacity to program up to 8 devices at the same time. As with all of the FlashRunner range the Cube has been designed with a production environment in mind combining reliability with speed and flexibility.
The Cube has extended universal support to now include microcontrollers, serial memories and direct programming of parallel memories (eMMC, NAND and NOR).

FlashRunner Quattro

The FlashRunner Quattro has been developed keeping the proven technology of the FlashRunner I – III in mind. Driven by the needs of the production environment the Quattro has four fully parallel programming channels providing an extremely fast solution to keep up with today’s manufacturing demands. Like its predecessors, the Quattro can be operated in ‘stand-alone’ or ‘host-driven’ mode. By using channel multiplexing each of the four channels can be multiplexed by either a factor of 2 or 4, this means the Quattro is also available as an 8 or 16 channel model.

Device programming has become more complex and therefore its consideration during design and production has also risen in priority. The developer needs to know in advance what tools to use andadapt their production layout to suit. By Adaptsys focusing on just this product area we can help
and guide customers into the best ways of implementation, knowing that one solution does not fit all applications.

Visit us at Embedded World 2013 Booth 422, Hall 4A.

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