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How can I return equipment

Adaptsys uses a Ticket numbering system to receive equipment back for calibration, investigation, repair or any other reason. 

A support ticket must be completed so that a ticket number can be raised, before any equipment is returned to us.

When a ticket is generated it will create a ticket number, this should be used as a returns number.
We will respond to your ticket advising you of the next steps to take.

Ordinarily, equipment that is returned for chargeable repair or calibration should be sent with a PO Number covering the initial investigation or calibration costs.
Items received back without a valid PO Number will not be processed until one is provided and will be subject to delay until this is covered.

Once a repair has been evaluated and it is found that additional parts or labour is required, that were not covered by your original PO Number, then we will provide you with a revised price.
Any items that need to be returned to the manufacturer will incur additional inward and outward shipping and duty costs.  We will seek authorisation from you to do this and advise on an estimated cost. A final cost can only be given once the unit has been assessed by the manufacturer and we know the exact shipping costs.

Required Information:

  • Equipment name
  • Respective serial number(s).
  • Reason for return.
  • Details of the issue or error.
  • Copies of the relevant paperwork.
  • In the case of repairs and calibrations, a Purchase Order for the minimum investigation or calibration charge

Any PO should contain information such as:

  • Return Address.
  • Invoice Address.
  • Equipment details, including serial numbers.
  • RMA Number.

Our standard service charges, as of January 2014 are:

  • £120.00 initial investigation charge, per item.
  • £120.00 per additional hours labour.
  • £115.00 calibration charge, includes hard copy print of a UKAS traceable certificate, per programming site.
  • Parts pricing, will be quoted with the investigation.
  • Any return to vendor repairs will be quoted separately and agreed before action is taken. 
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