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About our Helpdesk

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Our Helpdesk is provided to our customers so that they can submit, view and respond to requests for technical  or device support requests.
If there is more than member of staff in your organisation, we will allow all registered users in your company to be able to view each others tickets, perfect to ensure you can be on top of support especially if a memeber of your staff is sick or on holiday. 

We are focused on making improvements to the support we currently offer to our customers, so this Helpdesk will act as a central resource for any product issues that you may have.

Some key features of our new Helpdesk include:

  • A central resource for support which will inclide FAQ, guides, tickets and download.
  • New tickets allow certain files types to be added as attachments and a record of them will be provided in the ticket.
  • Email notification will be sent to you and Adaptsys staff, once you submit a technical or device support request and after Adaptsys staff have responded.
  • View status of tickets submitted by other users in your company.
  • All ticket activity is logged and a time history of the ticket can be viewed.
  • Create tickets and reply to tickets by email, without needing to log in to the site.  OF course, we prefer it if you did log in, so you can access additional support tools.

Further features will come online in due course, including the ability to see products that have been purchased and thei warranty status.


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Date Created
2012-07-26 13:43:18
Date Updated
2012-08-09 08:21:55