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Check our FAQ before adding questions.


  1. You complete the DSR form online, which logs details of the device manufacturer, device number, quantities and other relevant information.
  2. You receive a confirmation email and one is sent to Adaptsys Support
  3. We compile the information and liaise with BPM so that they can evaluate the request.
  4. We will update the support ticket during the course of the process and we may well ask for programming specifications, device datasheets and/or samples.  This kind of information is important to ensure a timely solution and can be added to the support ticket.
  5. After every update, a confirmation email will be sent to you so you know what has happened.
  6. Once the request has been quoted, order placed and development finally released, you will receive a final confirmation of the release.  At this time, we will then close the ticket. 

Any questions relating to this process can be sent to

Our DSR form requires the same information as the one available on the BPM website, however our system has several benefits.

 BPM SiteAdaptsys Site
Email Notifications on status change ok  ok 
View the submission online nogood  ok 
View collegues submission nogood ok 
View ALL submissions by your company online nogood ok
Full history log of submission nogood  ok 
Store all related attachments nogood ok

Device datasheets are used by BPM to verify the device operation when producing and algo to support the device.

Sourcing datasheets can be a time consuming process as not all devices are released into the public domain, as these could be custom variants or just a new device.
Although BPM have contacts with many semihouses, these contacts are difficult to maintain as staff regulary change preventing them access to essential resources.

To help improve the turnaround times it is a very good idea that when you discuss a programming job for devices that are not supported, that you make the user aware of how important it is to provide a relevant datasheet.  Chances are that they can contact their sales/tech engineer and make this request if they do not have a datasheet.

Will all sumbitted Device Support Requests, you can add these files to the request.

DSR = Device Support Request

This is a process in which users of BPM Microsystems programming systems, can submit details of a device which is not currently available in the BPWin software, so that we can get the device supported and have an algo created for it, thus allowing devices to be programmed.