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péntek, 21 június 2019 11:16

Adaptsys invites you to SEMICON West in San Francisco on July 9-11, 2019 (Booth 5472)

Industry leaders in ESD pocket forming technology, this year at SEMICON, Adaptsys will be introducing the 'Next Generation in Carrier Tape Management' delivered by...

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Created by Adaptsys and deployed on the Re-flex II system, On-Demand Tape is a revolutionary technology that provides customers with the flexibility to produce carrier tape as and when required. This guarantees substantial improvements in lead times, production planning and stock control.

Re-flex II eliminates the need to source and hold bulky stock of pre-formed tape, thereby saving on costs and storage space, and making logistics and shipping more manageable. By removing the reliance on suppliers, the system offers greater overall control of the taping process. What's more, Re-flex II is easy  to set up, operate and implement, plus ROI can be achieved in as little as four months!

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Now with a re-designed tooling module, Re-flex II is capable of forming pockets up to 30mm in depth on tape widths ranging from 12mm to 88mm.  By extending the  Re-flex II capacity to form deeper and wider pockets, in  addition to standard electronic devices, the system can now form tape suitable for much larger, and often complex, devices including connectors and metal stamped parts. Other  practical features include the streamlined tooling changeover, which means that moving between different pocket types can be achieved within  3 minutes, and an intuitive new-look interface to enhance the system's overall usability.

Further details can be found online at

Also at this year's SEMICON West...


IS-300 Vision Inspection for tape & reel systems. 

Traceability and quality validation are now possible on all TM-50 taping machines with the IS-300 inspection system from Adaptsys. Available on new systems or as a simple field upgrade option, the IS-300 provides part inspection checks for orientation, presence, mark and colour. In addition to the standard IS-300 assembly, an optional second sensor can be included to check cover tape bond and ensure integrity of both the outer and inner seal.

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Adaptsys will be exhibiting at SEMICON West in San Francisco on July 9-11, 2019. Please click on the button above to register for your ticket. We look forward to welcoming you to our stand (Booth 5472).   


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