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kedd, 28 június 2022 17:18

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Adaptsys will present the Re-flex II On Demand Carrier Tape Forming System live in action on Booth 1540 at SEMICON West in San Francisco on July 12-14, 2022


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While the Re-flex II On Demand Carrier Tape Forming System is primarily intended for feeding pocketed tape directly into a component taper, the Crosswinder option enables tape to be produced onto reels to be stored for later use. For even greater efficiency, the system is now also available with an extra-wide crosswind arm that handles reels up to 350mm wide. 

Re flex II at Semicon SEA

Re-flex II featured recently in Silicon Semiconductor magazine,  VOLUME 42 ISSUE V 2021.  Click here to read the full article.

Silcon Semiconductor Front Page

Also at this year's show...


Joining Adaptsys on the booth are our partners Royce Instruments who will be showcasing their AP+ Automated Die Sorter. 


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