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EXHIBITION - SMT Hybrid Packaging 2018

péntek, 11 május 2018 10:30

Adaptsys invites you to SMT Hybrid Packaging in Nuremberg on 5-7 June 2018 (Stand 4A-132) to see the latest version of Re-flex II, with deep pocket forming technology.

About Re-flex II

The Re-flex II Carrier Tape Forming system has a number of features that set it aside from other tape forming systems – in addition to the system’s unique functionality of outputting directly into the device placement process (On-demand), the Re-flex II can now form pockets up to 30mm in depth on tape widths from 12mm to 88mm. This range means that all standard and the majority of custom pocket requirements can be covered. In addition to this flexibility, a considerable amount of attention has been paid to streamlining tooling changeover. Recent modifications now mean moving between pockets types can be achieved within 3 minutes - when working to tight time schedules in a pressured production environment, this unrivalled speed can prove invaluable.

Also at this year's SMT Hybrid...

BPM Microsystems

The BPM-4900 will be on stand this year where demonstrations of the 9th GEN system's speed and precision can be seen. With the system supporting up to 12 programming sites, each with 4 socket cards, a total of 48 devices can be programmed in parallel – this configuration provides a production throughput of up to 1500 devices per hour. 

The vector engine that drives BPM's automated systems can be found in the 9th GEN manual programmers which can also be seen at this year's show.

V-Tek International

Specialising in precision packaging, inspection and bond testing equipment, V-TEK International have been providing their USA manufactured systems to a range of industries, including electronics, automotive and medical, for in excess of 30 years.

The OEM version of the V-TEK TM-50 is a very reliable and compact system designed for the purpose of simple integration. At this year's show, it will be connected to the Re-flex II to demonstrate the Adaptsys Tape Forming System's unique function of outputting directly into the device placement process (On-demand). 

SMH Technologies

The FlashRunner ISP is a global leader in Silicon Device In-System Programming. Customer-driven, the development of new FlashRunner models provides solutions to ensure increases to production line throughput and product quality for the electronic board manufacturing industry.

The latest addition, FlashRunner 2.0, harnesses proprietary technology to ensure the fastest of programming speeds (limited only by the silicon manufacturers themselves) and, by featuring a 16 parallel channel version, it does so with a very compact footprint.


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