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TS1500 - Tray Stacker Air Pressure Error


BPWin software displays a message to indicate that there is no air pressure to the tray stacker.
A physical check of the air input regulators, air lines and connections shows that there is good air pressure going to Tray stacker.

The error message cannot be cleared and the tray stacker can't cycle trays with the software.


The TS1500 Tray Stacker unit has an internal pressure sensor to indicate if compressed air is connected or not.
If the main system air pressure is enough, then the air pressure sensor might be set too high or is faulty. 

To adjust the pressure sensor, remove the Left Lower Panel. This will involve removing the Left Side Cover.
The pressure sensor is mounted on the Pneumatic Air Panel after the main air input supply’s “Y” connection and is visible in the attached images.

Feed a long flat head screw driver through the small hole in the base plate under the sensor and adjust the screw at the pressure sensor’s base. If your screw driver is not long enough, unbolt the pressure sensor while maintaining the air connection. Re-bolt if after you are done if needed.

Turn the dial full counterclockwise. Then turn it ¼ turn clockwise. If the correct air pressure is connected and power is on to the Tray Stacker, the sensor’s indicator red light will turn on. Do not try to exactly set the sensor based on the light to the pressure supplied as that might create problems.

 Please also refer to the TS1500 User Manual provided with the system or search the Help File in BPWin.


Simon Wells
Date Created
2013-10-15 12:41:48
Date Updated
2013-10-15 12:41:48