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Socket Module Troubleshooting


Sockets and daughter cards are considered consummables and are not warrantied.
BPM Microsystems will warranty the motherboard of the socket module for one year from purchase against defects in workmanship and component failure. This does not include the breaking of the euroconnector rails.


  • Are these socket modules failing diagnostics? 
    If so, we need to obtain the blackbox from when the diagnostics test was completed, so we investigate the cause.
  • What device are being programmed? 
    We need to obtain the full device part number for the components that were being used.
  • If this is a continuity issue, what pin/ball are problematic? 
    Details will be provided in the log view window in BPWin and in the black box file.
  • Have they tried blowing the socket out with dry air or cleaning the socket with an approved electronics cleaner and/or ultrasonic?
    This can help remove any contamination.
  • How many insertions do the sockets have?
    This can be found out by going to Tools > Socket Module counter in BPWin.
    NOTE: Only the site that is configured as the master site will be read when this operation is run.

This information can be provided to us via our helpdesk, so that the item can be returned for investigation.
In the case of a any warranty claim, please provide the invoice number that relates to the original purchase.
BPM Microsystems decision on warranty claims is final.

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