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CyberOptics Image Quality Test

CyberOptics Camera Image Quality Test

This test should be used to ensure that the CyberOptics Laser Align Camera is functioning properly and clear of debris. The test is automatically run at initialization and at the beginning of the job.

Various image quality parameters are inspected on the CyberOptics Laser Align Camera to ensure that they are within maximum and minimum tolerances. If the camera does not meet these tolerances, the user will be presented with the CyberOptics Laser Align Camera cleaning procedures.

Cleaning Schedule

CyberOptics recommends cleaning the sensor windows once every three months. Under adverse conditions, it may be necessary to clean them more often. However, more frequent cleaning is discouraged due to the chance of damage to the windows from improper cleaning.

Normal Cleaning Procedure

Under normal operating conditions, dust and debris can accumulate on the Laser Align sensor windows. To remove this dust, CyberOptics recommends using one of the following procedures:

  • Blow the dust off the sensor windows using an airbrush or a can of pressurized air.

  • Brush the dust off the sensor windows using a camel-hair brush or a brush made of a material designed for cleaning optical surfaces.

Cleaning Procedure for Persistent Problems

Use the following procedure to remove fingerprints or other oily deposits that are not removed using normal cleaning procedures.

  • Moisten a lint-free tissue or cotton swab with a small amount of isopropyl alcohol.

  • Wipe each window once with the moistened tissue or swab in a single direction.
    IMPORTANT: Wiping back and forth may re-deposit the debris and may damage the window.

  • Using a dry tissue or swab, lightly wipe each window in a single direction to remove any remaining alcohol residue.

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