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BPM Automated Pick and Place Issues


Pick errors, place errors or vision centering problems occur frequently during a job session.


  1. Ensure that the stations and the package are taught correctly. This is the cause of the majority of Pick-and-Place problems.

  2. Run the Pick-and-Place Runout Test to ensure that the nozzle is installed correctly.

  3. Run the CyberOptics Image Quality Test to ensure that the camera is receiving a quality image. Even if the test returns successfully, it is worth following the cleaning procedure.

  4. Inside the package teach

  5. The device could be slipping on the nozzle:

    • Ensure that the correct type of nozzle is being used for the package. Use the largest nozzle possible while ensuring that the diameter of the nozzle is shorter than the shortest side of the device (the nozzle does not overlap the sides of the device). For some DIP devices, even smaller nozzles are more effective.

    • Ensure air pressure at input is regulated to 80 psi.

    • Ensure that the vacuum at the nozzle is 24-27 in/Hg. Check for vacuum leaks/obstructions if the vacuum is weak.

    • Use the I/O and Sensors Diagnostic Dialog to test the vacuum system. Ensure that system is detecting nozzle obstructions. If using a 3000 series autohandler, the vacuum switch can be adjusted to change the voltages.

  6. If using media that can move around (tape feeder/loader, label presenter, etc), when teaching, turn off Auto Learn Z-axis inside the Adjust Nozzle Position Dialog and manually position the nozzle on the device. This allows the operator to have very fine control over where the nozzle will lower to when picking or placing.

  7. If using media that is inconsistent in its Z-axis position (warped trays), go to the package teach dialog and increase the number of Pick Retries.

  8. If using a label presenter, ensure that the label is being presented in less than 1 second.

  9. If errors happen more frequently after the job session has been running for a while, drift may be occurring. Open the Pick-and-Place Motion Diagnostic Dialog to run the "Measure X-axis and Y-axis encoder drift" diagnostic and the "Measure W-axis motor step drift with Diagnostic Nozzle" diagnostic.

  10. Run the CyberView Optics Diagnostic Utility to troubleshoot optics. In particular, run the Alignment Camera to Nozzle Coplanar Calibration procedure to ensure that the device enters into the camera's field of view.

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