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Le « Concurrent Programming System » 2900 offre des performances inégalables avec son haut rendement, son coût de production réduit par composant, et sa flexibilité.

The 2900L with our Precision Lever Socket Actuator and Universal Pressure Plate is our latest 9th Generation Universal Production Programming Solution. The 2900L combines true universal device support with the industry's fastest programming speeds. The 2900L supports Concurrent® production programming and high-speed support for the latest MCUs, NAND, NOR, Serial Flash and eMMC, up to 100MBytes/s program/verify times.

New: BPM 3901 - Extreme value: the lowest cost APS with vision centering and true universal support

New: BPM 3928 Production Programmer - Powerful Automated Device Programmer in a Small Package

BPM 4910 - The Most Universal Production Programmer with Even More Throughput (that’s easy to use)

One System to Meet All Your Programming Needs

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