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Nouveau: BPM310 - Le dernier né des programmeurs de production universel offrant des temps de programmation les plus rapides et un faible encombrement

High-Speed Programming

The BPM310 offers up to six 10th Generation sites, providing full universal support for UFS, eMMc, HS400, MCU, NAND & Serial Flash, at incredible speeds with up to 48 devices programmed concurrently. The highest throughput combined with most capacity in the smallest footprint.

bpm310 6 sites 10th gen topdown shot

What's Inside

10th Generation site technology offers the broadest support in the industry at unsurpassed programming speeds, supporting more devices on a single site platform than any other. Combined with BPWin, the most advanced feature-rich process control software in the industry, on-the-fly vision alignment and WhisperTeach™. Additional options include 3D Vision inspection for coplanarity, bent lead, pitch, width, diameter, standoff and X/Y errors. A full lineup of Input/output options is available, along with BPM.NCRYPT protection for mission-critical applications and processes, and BPM's hybrid laser marking system for clear traceability on even the smallest programmable devices. Finally, BPWin software API tools integrate your manufacturing process for tight inventory control and process management, allowing you to monitor and control each programming job.

True Universal Support

The 310 offers true universal support, including UFS, Microcontrollers, Memory and Complex Devices that can be configured as needed to support the smallest chip-scale-package to the largest QFP, all at blazing speeds ― one solution for all your device programming requirements. Compatible with many existing 9th Gen socket cards and algorithms, our customers retain the value of previous asset investments. One universal programming site accommodates all devices, reducing the number of systems, sites, and sockets needed. That saves you money, training, complexity and floor space.

High-Quality Socket Cards

Socket cards provide the electro-mechanical interface between your device and the programmer. They’re designed to deliver high-fidelity waveforms to the programmable device, ensuring very high first-pass yields. Each individual socket card can be fully utilized and easily replaced to maintain full programming capacity. Our socket card design, with a receptacle socket option, ultimately increases your manufacturing up-time, produces higher first-pass yields and reduces replacement costs by up to 75 percent. 


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