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BPM 3928 Production Programmer - Powerful Automated Device Programmer in a Small Package

The 3928 Automated Programming System

Based on BPM's proven 3910, this highly flexible APS supports the full complement of input/output peripherals and is configurable with up to 28 sockets using 9th Gen programming site technology. By combining vision alignment for high quality and yield, industry best programming speeds with 9th Gen, plus fast job setup and changeover with BPWin process control software and award-winning WhisperTeach, the 3928 offers unmatched productivity at an unequaled value. The system boasts real production output of up to 1,450 devices per hour, while handling a broad range of packages, including CSP. The 3928 is offered in a variety of bundled configurations that allow it to support price-competitive markets, while providing features, versatility and reliability unavailable from cheaper systems. 

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