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The importance of device datasheets

Device datasheets are used by BPM to verify the device operation when producing and algo to support the device.

Sourcing datasheets can be a time consuming process as not all devices are released into the public domain, as these could be custom variants or just a new device.
Although BPM have contacts with many semihouses, these contacts are difficult to maintain as staff regulary change preventing them access to essential resources.

To help improve the turnaround times it is a very good idea that when you discuss a programming job for devices that are not supported, that you make the user aware of how important it is to provide a relevant datasheet.  Chances are that they can contact their sales/tech engineer and make this request if they do not have a datasheet.

Will all sumbitted Device Support Requests, you can add these files to the request.

Simon Wells
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2012-09-19 08:13:31
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2012-09-19 08:13:31