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La TM-50XL es una máquina de encintado controlada por microprocesador de mayor capacidad que ofrece manipulación precisa de todas las formas y tamaños de componentes. 

Several speeds are selectable to accommodate problem parts and to minimise part jumping. The machine is flexible, easy to use, and features menu driven software. In addition to its electronics flexibility, the TM-50 offers an innovative setup and changeover design, allowing any taping operator to change over carrier and cover tapes in minutes.


  • Sturdy adjustable track assembly for large tape widths up to 120 mm
  • Preset track widths with fine tune adjustment
  • Heavy duty take up assembly for take up reels up to 120 mm
  • Dual stage fully adjustable Heat and PSA seater assembly
  • User friendly software allows features such as:
  • Multiple job storage and recall.
  • Part mark and vision integration
  • Sensor monitoring capabilities
  • Automatic leader/trailer
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Note: Video is of the TM50 which is operationally the same as the TM50XL

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