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El TM-700 es un sistema de procesamiento basado en torreta capaz de colocar pequeños dispositivos en cinta transportadora, hasta 22.000 piezas por hora.

It is also designed as an easily configurable system allowing for up to 5 independent processes prior to reject binning and tape output. With its servo-controlled vertical motion, the Hawk is able to run today's delicate parts through multiple processes with precise acceleration/deceleration as needed. The TM-700 can be converted easily between different input media and part size as determined by configuration.

Part Size

  • 0402 and greater
  • Smaller sizes possible

Input(can be converted quickly)

  • Bowl (CCW or CW)
  • Universal Tube Feeder

Process Options Available

  • Test (Multiple-site capable around turret)
  • Vision Inspection (orientation, Mark, Package Inspection)
  • Laser marking
  • Reject Sorting

Tape Output

  • Available 2D in-pocket inspection prior to seal
  • Adjustable tape sizes 8-24mm
  • Heat or PSA seal


Height: 208cm

Width: 213cm

Depth: 86cm

Weight: 98.5Kg

Power: 210VAC ~ 240VAC 8A max

Air: 15 SCFM at 80 PSI

UPH: up to 22,000 
The units per hour is limited by the input device and processes required prior to placement in the output device

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