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La serie TM-400 de sistemas de cinta y bobina se especializan en una entrada en particular como por ejemplo tubo, bandejas, cuenco o una versión abierta de OEM.

Designed as a table-top machine with an optional stand is available, the TM 400 series offers a simple and compact automated taping system. 
A 2D vision inspection system is used for over tape verification to ensure components are correctly oriented.

Set up is very simple, via a touch screen interface, minimising the time operators have to interact to ensure fast, dependable and accurate operations.

400 Series Models



Model variants include:

  • TM-400 - OEM Version
  • TM-401 - Tube Input
  • TM-402 - Bowl Input
  • TM-403 - Tray Input

Primary Features

  • Touch screen operator interface
  • Part rotation - +/- 90 or 180 degrees
  • Universal heat seal or pressure seal cover tape
  • Adjustable track width for carrier tapes with widths of 8mm to 72mm
  • Jam in Track sensor
  • Low Cover Tape sensor
  • 2D Vision Inspection


  • Touch Screen control
  • User friendly setup
  • Customisable job configuration
  • Sealer dwell adjustment
  • Password protection
  • Manual/Auto Leader/Trailer


Height: 100cm

Width: 135cm

Depth: 90cm

Weight: 98.5Kg

Power: 120VAC ~ 240VAC

Air: 5 SCFM at 85 PSI

UPH: 2000 to 3,500, device dependant

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