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TLa BPM-2710 es actualmente uno de los sistemas de programación manuales de mayores ventas del mercado. Como parte de nuestra línea de productos de 7ª Generación, usted puede programar microcontroladores, memoria flash, E/EPROM, PLD, FPGA, antifuse y otros con su opción de 2 emplazamientos, 4 emplazamientos.

Our patented concurrent programming technology was designed to allow you to produce more programmed devices than any other manual multi-site programmer on the market. With concurrent programming, you can start programming each device immediately upon insertion. Often, our system with multiple programming sites can completely program the first device by the time the operator has inserted the last device, virtually eliminating idle time.

We introduced FX4™ socket module technology with the release of our 7th Generation product line, which increases the number of programming sockets per site from one to four. This means that with FX4 socket modules you get four times the throughput for your memory and microcontroller devices. The 7th Generation product line also gives you the option of using any standard socket module or high-speed FX™ socket module.

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