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Serie NanoPlex™

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NanoPlex™es un sistema de conmutación compacto modular nuevo, innovador, modular y realmente compacto que le permite, en combinación con cualquier otro tipo de herramienta de programación En El Sistema, gestionar fácilmente paneles muy grandes de placas de PCBA. 

The modular NanoPlex tool offers a very convenient and professional way to In System Program multiple paneled PCBA.
Sometimes, PCBA panels are formed of 16, 32, or 64 boards, each one containing one or more programmable Flash devices, so even though parallel multi-channel, high-performance ISP Programming tools seems the obvious solution, initial engineering costs can sometimes seem to be restrictive or even prevent it from being consideried. Multi-channel, parallel ISP Programming tools are expensive, and when the need of targets to be programmed is higher than 16, alternative solutions have to be found, we have that solution!

In some cases, home-made/in-house switching systems are created, which carry a high development cost and over use internal engineering resources..

The modular NanoPlex addresses and solves this industry wide problem.
Basic versions of NanoPlex offer a channel-multiplication-factor of x4, x8 or x12, depending on the number of signals each channels needs. (interfaces JTAG, SPI, I2C, etc. are formed by a different number of signals).

General characteristics

  • Ultra-small size, only 51.0- x 66.5-mm.
  • Designed for piggyback mounting, takes less space in your Test Fixture.
  • NanoPlex is universal and compatible with all types of ISP-Programming tools.


  • Very simple implementation of ISP Programming of large PCBAs panels.
  • Multiply the number of your ISP Programmer channels for sequential device programming.
  • Provides galvanic isolation of your ISP Programmer to target boards.
  • Ready to use Relays Demultiplexers save days/weeks of your workmanship when creating home-made systems.

Application note (example)

Nanoplex chart

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