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FlashRunner III (FR03)

Programadores En El Sistema de nivel de entrada específicos de fabricante

The FlashRunner III is the entry level model from the FlashRunner range and like FlashRunner II is tailored to support devices of a single chosen manufacturer.  Although the same high speed capacity associated with all of the FlashRunner range is present certain functionality is absent.

Hardware Features

FlashRunner features state-of-the-art electronics and provides you with high integration flexibility in a small footprint.

  • 7.5V DC power supply input;
  • Five digital I/O lines;
  • Two digital I/O or analog output lines;
  • One programmable output voltage (0 to 5.5V, 0.5A);
  • One programmable clock output;
  • Secure Digital memory card (up to 2 GB);
  • I/O protection;
  • One command inputs (START);
  • Three status outputs (FAIL, PASS, BUSY);
  • RS-232 channel.

FlashRunner's open architecture makes its firmware easily upgradable to support new features.

Software Features

FlashRunner is set up and controlled via ASCII-based commands. FlashRunner can receive and execute commands in two ways:

  • Over the RS-232 (Host mode);
  • Via a "script" stored in its SD card (Standalone mode).

In the first case, FlashRunner is controlled by a host system (e.g. Windows HyperTerminal); in the latter case, FlashRunner works in standalone mode and is fully autonomous.

  • Fully autonomous standalone mode (thanks to its SD memory card);
  • Controllable by any host system through a terminal utility and simple ASCII protocol;
  • Erase, blank check, program, read, verify, oscillator trimming, etc.

FlashRunner comes with a Windows utility that allows you to communicate with the instrument and perform the most common operations: send commands, manage SD card files, update the instrument's firmware, etc.

Available Models

The FlashRunner III series includes the following models:

FR03ATM0 Supports Atmel devices
FR03CYP0 Supports Cypress devices
FR03ELM0 Supports ELMOS devices
FR03FJT0 Supports Fujitsu devices
FR03FSL0 Supports Freescale devices
FR03INF0 Supports Infineon devices
FR03MCP0 Supports Microchip devices
FR03MEM0 Supports serial memories
FR03NXP0 Supports NXP devices
FR03REN0 Supports Renesas devices
FR03SLL0 Supports Silicon Labs devices
FR03STM0 Supports STMicroelectronics devices
FR03TXI0 Supports Texas Instruments devices
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