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Request Manager Table Colours

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When you view your requests in the request manager, you will notice that there are different colours that surround the requests.
These colours indicate the following status of the request.

  • RED: request open and response date passed
  • YELLOW: Response date due on the day of viewing
  • GREY: Response date not reached
  • GREEN: request is now closed.

In addition to the request numbers, some rows may have a red background, this indicates that there has been no response from Adaptsys Support team.

PLEASE NOTE: Due Dates and the status of the request are NOT an indictaion of when the request will be completed.  They are used only as a reminders and visual indications to customers and staff to identify the priotity and prompt action on either side.


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2012-08-10 15:28:39
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2013-01-17 04:07:25