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We frequently update our glossary with terms that may be used in our products and in our industry in general.


  • Daughter Card

    This connects on top of the socket module base and includes a socket to hold a device.
    Daughter Cards are typically found on FX2 or FX4 type socket modules and should not be confused with Socket Cards which are FVE type socket modules.

  • Socket

    Refers to the part of a socket module that accepts the device.
    In some socket modules, such as ASMR, the sockets can be replaced.

  • Socket Cards

    These are the FVE equivalant of a Socket Module and do look like a standard Daught Card, but will have a label to indicate their model number to distinguish them.
    Typically used on X800 range of programmers.

  • Socket Module

    These are used to interface between the device and the programmer to provide electrical and signal connections required to communicate with the device.