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Do you have any idea of the life cycle for a socket module?

If properly cared for the socket module base, the part that connects to the programmer, should last for 10's of thousands of cycles, regardless of the package.

It is important the care is taken during installation and removal of the module from the programmer so as not to damage the DIN connectors.
The actual sockets themselves are consumables and thus have a more limited life expectancy.
Insertion cycles in excess of 10,000 cycles on standard pitch sockets is typical if the operator uses care during the insertion of the device to be programmed, especially on automated programmers where correct teaching should be conducted and when proper cleaning practices are used.

BGA, and CSP sockets have typically been found to be less robust than other package types.

Customer feedback regarding the cycle life on BGA sockets indicates 2,500 to 10,000 is typical, again, handling and cleaning practices can affect the number of insertions achieved.

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